Certification in Sales

National Professional Certification in Sales is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that helps employers identify qualified sales professionals.

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About the Certification

The certification was designed to capture the core sales duties for a broad range of entry-level through first-line supervisory positions across the sales and service industries. It is appropriate for anyone interested in obtaining a job or pursuing a career in retail and other sales-focused industries.

Knowledge and Skill Areas

The assessment to earn the sales certification measures and validates knowledge in the following areas:

  • Prepares for Selling
  • Gains Customer Commitment and Closes the Sale
  • Develops and Implements Sales and Follow-up Plan

How to Earn

To be eligible for the sales certification, candidates must earn the National Professional Certification in Customer Service first. Candidates can earn the sales certification by passing a 75-question, online assessment. The assessment must be proctored. Candidates can schedule testing at public test centers across the U.S.A., or companies can set-up as a private test site, have proctors trained, and offer the assessment internally. The base price of the exam is $45 to $85, depending on the test site.

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Training Resources to Help Prepare

The Candidate Handbook outlines the testing process, provides sample questions, and gives detailed information on the three Critical Work Function Areas covered on the exam. The knowledge and skill areas are found on page 14. Look under the section "Work-Oriented Component." All questions on the certification exam are directly related to the "key activities" in each Critical Work Function.

Candidates can view an online demonstration of the exam to see the format and sample questions. The online demo does not provide automatic scoring, so you will need to write out your answers and check them against the answer key: 1)B, 2)C, 3)B, 4)A, 5)A, 6)D, 7)D, 8)B, 9)A, 10)C, 11)A, 12)C, 13)B, 14)D, 15)C.

The Retail Operations course is geared towards recently hired associates, students, and interested retail associates and employees who need new skills. This curriculum is designed to be instructor-led and is intended to prepare participants for a career in retail. It is aligned with the Professional Certifications in Customer Service and in Sales. Learners will receive an overview of the retail industry, customer service, sales, and operational concepts.
Participant's Guide: $60.00
Facilitator's Guide: $250.00

Our Retailing Smarts Series Learner Workbooks are recommended to prepare candidates for the exam, as they were developed using the same skill standards. Books 5-8 help prepare for sales: Explaining Features and Benefits (Workbook 5), Building the Sale (Workbook 6), Closing the Sale (Workbook 7), Completing the Sales Transaction (Workbook 8). These books contain activities that are highly interactive and scenario-based, much like the tests. There is an instructor's guide to the workbooks that can be ordered separately: Selling and Promoting Products: Leader's Guide.
Learner Workbooks: $12.95 each
Leader's Guide: $56.00

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