Curriculum & Training Products

The NRF Foundation offers quality retail training resources to develop high-performing associates and managers at all levels. All NRF Foundation curriculum, training, and certification programs are based on Industry Skill Standards. Whether you are helping a candidate prepare for their first job, someone who wants to advance your skill set, or an employer looking to train new hires, we have a variety of resources to fit your needs.


Retail Operations

The Retail Operations course is geared towards recently hired associates, students, and interested retail associates and employees who need new skills. This curriculum is designed to be instructor-led and is intended to prepare participants for a career in retail. It is aligned with the Professional Certifications in Customer Service and in Sales. Learners will receive an overview of the retail industry, customer service, sales, and operational concepts.
Participant's Guide: $60.00
Facilitator's Guide: $250.00

Retail Management and Operations

A 40-hour interactive instructor-led course is now available to help promote best practices in retail  management and operational concepts and processes, and to help participants understand accountability in Retail Management. The Retail Management and Operations course is aimed at new or aspiring Sales Managers or Assistant Managers preparing for a lead role in Retail Management and to prepare for the National Professional Certification in Retail Management.
Participant's Guide: $60.00
Facilitator's Guide: $250.00

Retailing Smarts Workbooks

The Retailing Smarts Series Learner Workbooks are supplemental workbooks containing role-playing scenarios and activities covering a wide range of topics. These workbooks are based on industry skill standards and assist in preparing candidates for both the professional customer service and sales certifications. Leader's guides are available for facilitating group lessons.
Learner Workbooks: $12.95 each
Leader's Guide: $56.00

Customer Service and Sales Skill Standards

A hands-on publication containing the industry-developed standards for customer service and sales, as guides for employers, educators, and trainers to help build and recognize requisite skills. The Customer Service and Sales Skill Standards publication includes complete standards plus academic, employability, occupational and technical knowledge and skills, as well as guidelines for integrating the standards into existing or new curricula.
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