Industry Research

The retail industry is always changing.  For retailers, students, the media, and those interested in retail, a steady flow of information is necessary to keep up with this dynamic industry. Through research initiatives, the NRF Foundation provides data and information about the retail industry and the importance of retail to the economy.

In addition to original research, the NRF Foundation supports Retail Industry Indicators - an annual report which draws from government data. The report provides a source for information on the impact of retailing on the economy and the retail industry employment makeup. It uses, where available, historical information for comparison purposes. Previous Editions
Original Research Reports:

Retail Horizons is an annual benchmarking report on trends and intentions of retail companies for the coming year. The research offers a detailed overview of the retail industry. It provides fundamental retail metrics on industry statistics such as sales and distribution channels, annual payroll, advertising and public relations efforts, inventory controls, employee benefits, information technology, and more.

NRF Retailer Compensation & Benefits Survey offers comprehensive retail-only wage and benefits research, made up with employee relations and store operations data.

NRF Holiday Headquarters: Every holiday season, the National Retail Federation gathers data, survey reports, sales projections, and other holiday-specific information that is key for retailers – especially during the weeks leading up to the all-important holiday season.
Additional consumer research can be found in the NRF Retail Reference Center
Research on eCommerce is available from