Industry Skill Standards

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Industry skill standards identify what people need to know to successfully perform work-related functions within an industry. Skill standards describe high-performance work, Employee characteristics, and communicate the formula for productivity and job success. Standards are developed by employers within a specific industry, who collaborate and agree on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employees need in order to perform successfully on the job.

Industry skill standards can be used by employers, educators, and employee candidates.

For Employers

  • Guide training needs analysis
  • Improve training programs
  • Work with schools and training programs to develop training curricula

For Employees/Applicants/Students

  • Plan and begin a career path
  • Describe skills clearly to employers
  • Upgrade skills

For Educators/Trainers/Workforce Development Professionals

  • Define curriculum essentials
  • Achieve improved, more relevant training outcomes
  • Align with state and local workforce development policy and planning

Professional Retail Certifications

Job seekers and incumbent workers can use professional certification to document their knowledge and skills and promote their professionalism. NRF Foundation has professional credentials in customer service, sales, retail management, and retail business. All credentials are based on industry skill standards. Employers can use certification to assess a candidate's knowledge and skills and build a committed, competitive workforce. Professional certification helps raise the image of retail careers and highlights career advancement opportunities in the retail industry.