Retail Certifications

The NRF Foundation offers a number of resources to professionalize the retail workforce, and promote uniform standards of excellence. NRF Foundation's professional certifications and credentials validate the knowledge and critical skills identified by the industry. The standards-based approach to building a common set of skills and knowledge establishes clear performance expectations and provides hiring managers assurance that candidates are prepared to succeed.

Retailers can use certification as preferred qualifications for hire or on-boarding programs. School systems and workforce development agencies can use certification as capstones to class work and other training programs.

***Important Certification Announcements***

New Pricing on Certification Vouchers Effective September 4

NRF Foundation professional credentials include:

Customer Service Certification National Professional Certification
in Customer Service
Certification in Sales National Professional Certification in Sales
certification in Retail management National Professional Certification
in Retail Management
Retail Business Credential Professional Retail Business Credential

Benefits for Employers

  • Identify and distinguish talent
  • Establish clear performance expectations and promote superior standards of service
  • Train new hires and advance high-performing employees
  • Motivate qualified employees and increase productivity

Benefits for Educators

  • Incorporate the industry skill standards that employers want and need
  • Document students' learning and achievement
  • Supplement existing programs and often provide verified credit for graduation

Benefits for Employee Candidates

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional growth
  • Document achievement and build workplace value
  • Enter the workforce with increased knowledge, skills, and productivity

Certification Process

1. Review knowledge and skill areas covered on the certification exams to determine if training is needed.

2. Schedule exam at a testing center. If companies, schools, or other organizations are testing more than 25 candidates a year, you may consider setting-up as a private testing site.

3. Complete the online exam and receive instant notification of pass/fail status.

4. Passing candidates receive a formal certificate and letter of recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions