Attention Students: think a career in retail is working your way up from cashiering at your local department store to manager? Think again! Retail offers students of every kind, and every major, a chance to take their careers to heights unknown through opportunities unimagined. The NRF Foundation nurtures and ultimately rewards those passionate about the retail industry, and provides resources to:
  • Link up and collaborate with the future leaders of retail through the NRF Student Association, which serves talented students by offering unique educational programs, networking opportunities, and access to the latest retail research and news.NRF on Campus Facebook Page
  • Attend the largest event in retail rightly named, Retail's BIG Show, January 11 - January 15, 2014 in New York City. A special Student Program, for NRF Student Association members, held in conjunction with the convention allowing students to learn about the industry’s latest trends, network with fellow students and get career advice from established retail executives.
  • Attend "retail's digital rush", the Summit, September 29 - October 1, 2014. The premiere event for the digital retail community hosts a special Student Program, allowing students to learn about the latest digital retail hot topics like omni-channel, retail innovations, and more.
  • Passionate about retail? The Next Generation Scholarship recognizes outstanding students currently pursuing retail careers at NRF Foundation partner schools who are passionate about pursuing a career in retail and have the skills to be successful in the retail industry. This scholarship program is the pinnacle achievement for students who are interested in being recognized by the retail community, and attending Retail's BIG Show.
  • Cash in on hard work and fund future aspirations through the Ray M. Greenly Scholarship, a scholarship program designed to recognize college and university students who have the skills, insights and interest to be successful in digital retail, and give high-achieving students the opportunity to experience the Summit.
  • Check out the Student Challenge designed to build awareness of diverse career paths in retail through friendly competition and collaborative role play with the help of retail executive mentors to implement a multi-tiered business strategy.

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In retail, where you start isn’t where you’ll end up but why not begin in an industry that boasts one in four U.S. jobs and the possibilities are endless? Get plugged in today: Twitter: @Retail_Careers, Facebook: NRF on Campus, LinkedIn: NRF Student Association.