Retail Horizons: Benchmarks and Forecasts

Retail Horizons - Tenth Edition


Retail Horizons - Tenth Edition

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Retail Horizons: Benchmarks 2011 – Forecasts 2012 from the NRF Foundation, in partnership with KPMG, is a source of retail benchmarking information and in-depth analysis for retailers, providing statistics on performance, budget, new initiatives and more. The attitude, outlook, and performance of the U.S. retail sector in 2011 are reflected in the major findings of the Retail Horizons study.
The study encompasses in-depth primary research, based on a detailed survey of hundreds of retail executives and interviews with industry executives and thought leaders. Survey results are reported on an aggregate basis; individual company results are confidential.

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Retail Horizons has been discontinued for 2013 to make way for new research projects within the NRF Foundation. For a limited time, the 2011-2012 findings and survey data may still be purchased in full - or, you may also purchase the last 5 years of reports, as a set, at a discounted price.

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Complete Electronic Version of Benchmarks 2011 – Forecasts 2012  
Set of the last 5 years of Retail Horizons, complete electronic versions (2007-2011)

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