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Retail Horizons - Tenth Edition


Retail Horizons - Tenth Edition

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Below summarizes the chapters of the Retail Horizons survey and report. 
  • The Customer Insight section examines customer satisfaction, customer processes, and technology.
  • The eCommerce section presents findings and conclusions concerning online sales and services, and associated processes and technologies.
  • The General/Financial Information section covers key initiatives and data, including comparable store sales growth; selling, general and administrative (SG&A) costs as a percentage of sales; inventory turnover; and average annual shrink percentage, among others.
  • The Human Capital section covers human capital initiatives, human resources (HR) costs, performance management, technology, and outsourcing.
  • The Information Technology section covers key initiatives, IT resources, build versus buy, outsourcing, integration, and the adoption of new technologies. Internet technologies are further covered in the eCommerce section. In addition, each individual section of this report addresses technologies relevant to that retail business area.
  • The Marketing and Advertising section incorporates findings and conclusions from the Marketing and Advertising survey. It discusses marketing, advertising, segmentation, effectiveness, and technology.
  • The Merchandising section covers merchandising initiatives, activities, in-stock, technology, pricing, and key metrics.
  • The Store and Field Operations section covers store initiatives, point of sale, store payroll, workforce, customer service, inventory, store services, technology, and key operating metrics.
  • The Supply Chain Management section covers supply chain key initiatives, planning, vendor collaboration, technology, and key supply chain metrics.

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